dVerse prompt: Circus

The circus is loud
But loudest of all
Is the colorful barker
Nearly ten feet tall!

He stomps and he waves
With a megaphone shout.
His beckons unending
While cannons ring out!

His heart must be pounding
Like the breast of a bird.
Sparks of excitement
Turn out every word.

One wave of his cane,
Can quicken the pace.
“Come One and Come All!”
Lights up every face.

Neither elephant trumpets
Nor a clown raising riot,
Or thunderous clapping,
Can make him be quiet.

If he weren’t so crucial,
The crowds couldn’t know,
The marvels and magic
within that tent show.

How grand is his life
Many miles he’s won.
Dynamic booming barker
Who hollers just for fun.

Come to the Circus!



16 thoughts on “dVerse prompt: Circus

    • He He … so is the trapeze act, and wildcat show. Scary and fun aren’t always far apart. Same for tragedy and comedy. But… I can see the scary in the photo. I liked the color. The scary didn’t jump out for me. Thanks for your comment!

  1. Tell them loud enough and often enough and they’ll believe it. Not far from the philosophy of the current White House resident!

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