She Ain’t Heavy, She’s Bella.

Evelyn’s relationship with her imaginary fairy friend, Bella, hasn’t evolved as quickly as I had expected. Big sister, Katherine, had a cast of characters by this stage in her imaginary friend days. Bella seems to like working alone.

She’s ever present though. Evelyn has a loosely closed fist almost constantly. Once in awhile, I’ll ask her what is in her hand only to hear, “Oh Grandma, you know it’s Bella.”

Even when she doesn’t see me watching, Evelyn places Bella on the table in order to use both hands. Just last week, she was asked to play football on the sidelines of Katherine’s softball practice. As she raced by her mother with the football tucked under one arm, she hollered to her Mom, “Catch Mommy! Please hold Bella.” Then she waved her hand in the air tossing the fairy not the ball.

On one occasion, Evelyn held both fists in the air announcing that one held Bella, and the other, Baby Bella. She was Bella’s new ( even smaller!) baby sister. I haven’t heard from her, or “seen” her lately.
Out of the blue, when Bella gets into a high flying routine, Evelyn invites me to watch. Sometimes the fairy takes on a superhero role and becomes, Super Bella! It’s quite awe inspiring and I am reminded to clap for her, if I forget.

Yes, she is able to “leap tall buildings in a single bound” and, according to Evelyn, her goal is to save people from falling. I’m thinking she’s very effective. I haven’t seen a single person fall from the sky on Bella’s watch.

The “Bella Experience” has been so dramatically different from Katherine’s Zabby Eight. I have no idea what twists will happen next. You’ll certainly be kept in the loop.


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